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Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is the driving force behind our cutting-edge AI platform. Comprising industry veterans, tech geniuses, and visionary leaders, each member brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to revolutionize the legal tech landscape. Get to know the brilliant minds committed to making eDiscovery simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Sergey Demyanov, CEO and Founder

Sergey is a visionary in AI, bringing over two decades of experience in pioneering AI solutions across diverse industries. His journey, marked by transformative roles in healthcare, insurance, and now legal tech with Beagle's AI-native platform, reflects his exceptional ability to innovate and drive technological advancement in multiple fields.

Maksim Ivanov, CTO

Maksim is an expert in AI and software engineering, bringing over fourteen years of experience in applying artificial intelligence to advertising and search ranking. His expertise in developing sophisticated algorithms for data analysis and categorization has been pivotal in shaping Beagle's advanced eDiscovery solutions.

Udit Sood, Product Advisor

Serving as a key advisor at Discover Beagle™, Udit is an accomplished legal professional with over a decade of experience in litigation discovery and artificial intelligence. Udit focuses on high-value patent and commercial disputes in cutting-edge sectors like semiconductors, software, and biotech. His insights into legal workflows and challenges enrich the development of Beagle’s AI-driven eDiscovery platform.

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